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Teamwork helps us to be the best at what we do. ScannerVision is a solution for automating document workflows, which captures, processes and stores scanned documents as well as documents generated by other applications. Every document that goes into ScannerVision will go through 3 fundamental processes.

Now your documents will go
through this process

Main functions

Determines where the documents come from (MFP, modules/desktop clients, active folder, e-mail, etc.) and how additional information related to the document or metadata should be retrieved.

Determines what is done with the document. This could include barcode reading, text recognition with the help of optical character recognition (OCR), conversion to another format and much more.

Determines where and how the document is to be saved. Which could be another folder on the network, a database, such as an email attachment, a cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or a document management system such as SharePoint, DocuWare, or SMARTKER

Why Scannervision?


Perform any file-based task quickly and easily, such as file transmission and document system communication with connectors that link the processing engine to proprietary document management systems and file servers. Upload your document directly to a host of web servers, online web services and third-party applications, thanks to the wide range of available

SEE offers full use of the regular expression to select parts or even modify metadata before it is used. SEE also displays the expected result in real time, so you no longer have to guess what the result of your expressions will be. In ScannerVision 7 we have raised the bar even higher with an enhanced SEE – now you can apply conditions to your expressions!

You now have the option to specify the conditions under which a connector is executed. The conditions can be based on the presence of a word in the metadata, numbers equal to, less than, etc. Any metadata extracted from the document can be used, either 1D or 2D barcodes, zonal OCR or full-text OCR to control the connector conditions.

We all know that not all documents are the same. So, in ScannerVision 7 we introduce an additional OCR engine. With the option of 2 OCR engines, the user can choose the best OCR engine for a particular document type. This choice is possible per template. In the template, a user can specify which engine to use

ScannerVision 8 can process more than one document at the same time, using additional document processors. When there are 2 or more documents waiting to be processed, each document processor will take one document from the queue and process it. This will significantly reduce processing time, as the processing speed is multiplied by the number of available document processors.

ScannerVision offers advanced user import features that can be configured and executed from the Users tab. You can configure and import users from any of the following import sources, Microsoft Active Directory (AD), CSV (CSV) and database (DB) files, you can even set up a schedule using the Windows Task Scheduler.

ScannerVision allows you to select the certificate you want to use for SSL communication. Certificates that can be used for SSL communication must meet specific criteria, i.e. the certificate must not be a CA certificate, the use of the key must include a digital signature and key encryption, and the use of the extended key must include server and client authentication.

The AFR option will automatically recognize each document and process it using the appropriate workflow template. No need to use different buttons or create different categories, AFR will do it automatically, making the process faster and easier. The forms are unlimited and the form creation process is fully automatic.

Connect your ScannerVision server with a wide range of accounting and security software such as Papercut, Equitrac, MyQ, KYOCERA Net Manager, aQrate or Ubiquitech. The single sign-on functionality will make the authentication process easy and secure. Users will be able to authenticate through any of these programs and have immediate access to their own workflows in an integrated ScannerVision client.

Automatically capture data from specific zones of the document. Zones for the 4 supported zone OCR functions, namely Zone OCR, ICR, MICR and OMR can be set up in the same interface using the same sample document (which is stored in the template) and on multiple pages. Now you can also name your zones! This makes it much easier to identify different zones.

ScannerVision can extract information from 1D and 2D barcodes for use in metadata or aggregate barcodes in scanned documents for easier processing later. It is possible to specify advanced settings for each individual barcode and also provide sample data that will then automatically appear in the ESS as label data when metadata is used.

Zonal barcode reading offers an alternative way to read barcodes. ScannerVision™ has always supported reading 1D and 2D barcodes, but has required expressions to differentiate between multiple barcodes on the same page. The implementation of zone barcode recognition will allow you to scan all codes on a page, as well as read and display the symbology of a given barcode.

It is now possible to digitally sign any document processed through the ScannerVision™ server. Thanks to the digital signature module, any process created by ScannerVision™ can be easily completed by including a digital signature and a time stamp issued by an authorized entity. Each template created in ScannerVision™ can use its own signature, making ScannerVision™ a powerful multi-signature tool.

Aivika Capture Pro captures documents from network scanners that support TWAIN. It also allows you to preview the document before sending it to ScannerVision. In addition, this package contains a printer driver that allows you to send documents from any application. Aivika Capture Pro contains everything that is included in Aivika Capture (file browser extension and Outlook add-in) with the addition of Desktop Client Pro and Print to ScannerVision.

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