Automate your workflows

Secure, reliable and intelligent storage

Protect your most important information, in a highly confidential place; a bunker, yes, a digital one. Minimize technical and financial barriers with a multi-user cloud environment, with a very high level of security and that can be adapted to the different requirements of your organization.

Security and intelligent management of your information

A comprehensive platform for document management and storage for your company. Intelligently and automatically classifies information from Smartker documents.

Smartker solution adapts perfectly to your business processes thanks to its flexibility and scalability

Find all company documents easily and automate document workflows, reducing time spent and increasing productivity.

Recurso 3s

Get security from the start with the backing of a team of experts

Your sales teams are always active

Automates and manages business processes such as

Customized finance and statistics

Contract management

Invoice processing

Incorporation of new personnel

Your team working at the same time, in the same place

Move your information between people and systems with tight integration with your ERP, CRM and personal corporate application.



Documents that have not been stored correctly are never located, avoid human error thanks to the development of automation and offer your team an optimal platform for productive work.

The security of your information not being leaked

Control what happens to your documents and data, be assured that they are captured, processed and stored securely to prevent misuse or loss.

Save up to the cost of creating a document

Get immediate savings, both by reducing material resources (paper, storage space…etc.), and by the increased efficiency derived from the fact that your employees use their time in more productive tasks for the business.

Unprecedented adaptability

Get complete document management and workflow automation through a true multi-user SAAS application and customized statistics and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.

The information you should know with your work team

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How to enter SMARTKER

* After a SMART wizard completes your purchase process

* Log in to SMART DI SUPPORT and enter your username and password.

* You will have all your documents automated as workflows.

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