Smart Membership

The importance of SMART ASSISTANT in the adaptation of SMART DI in your business is as vital as your sales team.

Purchase the Smart assistant membership that best suits your needs.

What you and your team need to know

A team specialized in helping our partners to save time and resources in all projects related to the solutions we manage in our portfolio, improving and guaranteeing corporate objectives.


Consultative training programs for sales personnel and technical certification on the products in our portfolio are available to all our business partners. Both types of training are available at different levels. Candidates who have successfully completed the training courses will be able to provide better service and support to their customers.

Creation of workflows

Once the customer requirements have been specified and all the connectors and/or clients required for the implementation of one of the solutions in our portfolio have been developed, the next stage of the implementation is to create and configure the workflows. The creation of the workflow starts with a careful analysis of the content of the documents and all the requirements/functions designed by your team or our consultant.

This document also contains the specification of each element to be added and configured in a workflow. Because our workflow specialists are aware of what the customer expects according to the documentation provided, we also know what tests need to be performed to ensure that the workflow meets the specific requirements.


Our DNA forces us to always strive to offer the best service and the best solution in document management, depending on the environment and requirements of our customers. Once the needs to develop or optimize a document workflow have been defined together with the customer, people with strong analytical skills are required to fully understand the process flow and propose the best solution. We understand that not all of our partners have accumulated the necessary skills and experience to fully understand the customer’s situation. Smart-DI can support you with a consulting process to carefully define and perform all the tasks related to the definition and implementation of the solution that will allow your customers to start a digital transformation process.

Advanced Support

We understand that you would prefer to concentrate on your business activities, therefore, to minimize the downtime of a server or process implemented at one of your customers and to ensure that the impact of any changes to these daily workflows of your documents is as low as possible to ensure that critical scanning processes run smoothly, it is important that the infrastructure and products implemented by our partners are carefully optimized. You can request Smart-DI’s advanced support to take care of these issues and make precise adjustments to your processes.


Smart-DI has a group of development engineers that can develop a customized solution that allows you to save time in designing workflows and attract more customers. Making a connector to an ERP, CRM, DMS, etc. or an embedded client on a device or an application that allows connection to different systems within your company, requires a deep knowledge of programming, knowledge of our product SDKs and a broad knowledge of the back-end application. The development can:

*Be tailored to your specifications.

*Help you design a workflow with less time and effort.

*Allow you to write fewer scripts or avoid them altogether.

*To perform bi-directional communication if the back-end application allows it.

*Be developed to adapt to scanning processes based on customer requirements.

*Send the document as quickly and securely as possible using the back-end API.

*Receive the necessary certification from the back-end software vendor, when required.

Smart Membership

Smart-DI Solutions offers for our business partners, several levels of SMART ASSIST memberships



1 year subscription
15 Hours



1 ano de assinatura
35 Hours



1 year subscription
Full workflows
85 Hours